2020 4Runner in Denver

4Runner Repair

Repairing your own 4Runner at home

isn’t as easy as it used to be!


1984 4Runner in Littleton

The famous and very popular Toyota 4Runner first came to the market in 1984 as a very basic SUV.  It was essentially a Toyota truck frame with a fiberglass shell.  It was fairly easy to work on with basic mechanical skills.  Since then the 4Runner has changed significantly is style, size, comfort and capabilities.  In

2019 the 4Runner came in #5 as longest lasting most durable vehicle according to study by iseecars.com.  They offer an excellent balance between on-road comfort and off-road capabilities.   However, to keep them comfortable and capable it is VERY important to keep up with regular preventative maintenance and if an issue does occur getting it fixed right the first time.

Today the 4Runner like most vehicles are full of computers and highly advanced engineering.  The average at home mechanic can no longer diagnose, repair or upgrade newer vehicles.  You might think these fancy and very expensive diagnostic computers high end auto 4×4 repair shops like All American 4×4 has can diagnose exactly what is wrong every time.  These computers are great at providing certain diagnostics, but only a generalization.  It still takes a very well trained and seasoned expert to diagnose exactly what is wrong or what is causing an issue. 2020 4Runner in Denver

Our mechanics are highly trained and certified to repair, upgrade and diagnose all 4×4 vehicles with decades of experience as individuals.  If you are experiencing ANY issues with your 4Runner or interested in some custom upgrades All American 4×4 offers free diagnostics and a 2 year warranty on all work.  Our experts are standing by to help you.  If your vehicle is not running, we will even pick it up and drop it back off.  Call us today to schedule an appointment with the best 4×4, SUV & Truck mechanics in Colorado!


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