Fuel Filter Explaination

The purpose of a fuel filter is self-explanatory. It filters your fuel. The fuel filter is located in the fuel line between the fuel tank and the engine. Gas and diesel vehicles around Littleton and Highlands Ranch, Colorado, use fuel filters.

As your vehicle ages, fuel line problems actually gets worse because dirt, rust and other contaminants will settle out of the fuel and onto the bottom of the fuel tank. The amount of sediment built up after your car, SUV or 4×4 is five years or older, can be considerable. This means that the fuel filter has to work harder and will get clogged sooner, needing to be replaced more often.

One symptom of a clogged fuel filter is that the engine will sputter at highway speeds or when you accelerate hard. This happens because there is not enough fuel getting through when you need more speed. Clearly, this could be dangerous if your car or SUV can’t get enough power and you need to maneuver quickly.

Dirt can also clog and damage your fuel injectors. Since injectors are not cheap to replace, you don’t want to risk their integrity just to save a few dollars on replacing a fuel filter.

The fuel filter is almost the poster child for preventive maintenance. It’s a small part and it’s cheap to take care of but if it’s neglected, it could lead to thousands of dollars in repair bills.

The auto service schedules in your owner’s manual are important to follow and they are there for a reason. If ever you don’t understand a recommended service, just ask one of our service advisors at All American. We will be happy to explain.

Please call us today for an appointment. We’d be happy to provide free transportation during any needed repairs to make things as convenient as possible.

Jeep Repair Update

All American 4×4, the leader in Jeep and SUV repair, has updated our Jeep post. Jeep owners understand how their vehicles are different from other cars and trucks. Read this informative article and learn how our Littleton 4×4 repair shop can keep your Jeep and Wrangler running at its best!

Advanced Four Wheel Drive & Auto Repair Discusses Regular vs. Premium Gas

People in Castle Rock, Colorado, often ask if premium gas is better for their car. Let’s begin with a quick education on what premium gasoline actually is.

With different grades of gas there are different octane ratings. While premium gas has the highest octane, regular gas has the lowest octane rating. Most gas stations in Castle Rock carry a mid-grade fuel also that falls in the middle. Due to altitude differences in various regions, octane ranges are different in various locations.

There are different octane ratings because there are different types of engines. As an example, turbocharged engines often require the premium gas.

If you look at your gas tank filler lid, you will see a sticker that directs you on the minimum octane rating your vehicle manufacturer recommends.

We’d be happy to help you identify the type of gas your engine needs if you come by our Castle Rock service center at 736-C W. Castleton Road in Castle Rock, Colorado. You can also give us a call at 720-358-2957 and we can schedule an appointment for you.

If you want to tackle it on your own, read the owner’s manual to see if it’s okay to use lower grades. With some cars it is acceptable to use a lower grade and the engine control computer can simply adapt. You will lose some performance by doing so, but it won’t do any damage. That said, with other engines if you use a lower grade fuel it can result in serious damage; so it’s not worth saving a few dollars on gas only to pay hundreds for a repair.

It is always best to use the grade of gas that is recommended by your vehicle manufacturer.

Today’s vehicles that are computer controlled are optimized to run best on the recommended grade of gasoline. Please note that using a higher grade of fuel than what is recommended will not benefit you at all. You will not get additional performance or increased fuel economy so don’t waste your money.

There are regulations in place that require detergents for all grades of gas to ensure that your engine has the same protection, despite the grade of gasoline you use. If you do hear pinging or knocking from your engine, do take it seriously and get your vehicle SUV into Advanced for a free inspection. It might be a sign that you just need a tune-up but better to be safe than sorry.

Although gas prices remain high, be sure to select the right fuel for your car. Note that it will help to keep your tires inflated properly and your car or SUV well maintained so that you will get the best fuel economy possible.

Towing Offered at All American Four Wheel Drive & Auto Repair in Littleton

All American Four Wheel Drive & Auto Repair in Littleton, Colorado is very proud to announce our towing services, intended to make your repairs as convenient as possible. Here are some of the highlights:

  • On-call towing available
  • VERY competitive towing fees
  • Tow truck driver will drop your car at the shop and take you back home or to work at no additional charge
  • No added fees for after hour or weekend tow service
  • Use flatbeds tow trucks only to ensure vehicle safety
  • We accept towing Insurance programs

Should the need for a tow arise during business hours, please give us a call at (303)816-8890. If you have a need after hours or on the weekend, please email us service@allamerican4x4.com. A trained, courteous member of our team will arrange to have your vehicle towed to our shop. Take all of the guess work out of looking up a tow company that you have never used before. Here is the great news, you will not have any immediate out of pocket expense. We will simply place the charges on your repair order.