Fuel Filter Explaination

The purpose of a fuel filter is self-explanatory. It filters your fuel. The fuel filter is located in the fuel line between the fuel tank and the engine. Gas and diesel vehicles around Littleton and Highlands Ranch, Colorado, use fuel filters.

As your vehicle ages, fuel line problems actually gets worse because dirt, rust and other contaminants will settle out of the fuel and onto the bottom of the fuel tank. The amount of sediment built up after your car, SUV or 4×4 is five years or older, can be considerable. This means that the fuel filter has to work harder and will get clogged sooner, needing to be replaced more often.

One symptom of a clogged fuel filter is that the engine will sputter at highway speeds or when you accelerate hard. This happens because there is not enough fuel getting through when you need more speed. Clearly, this could be dangerous if your car or SUV can’t get enough power and you need to maneuver quickly.

Dirt can also clog and damage your fuel injectors. Since injectors are not cheap to replace, you don’t want to risk their integrity just to save a few dollars on replacing a fuel filter.

The fuel filter is almost the poster child for preventive maintenance. It’s a small part and it’s cheap to take care of but if it’s neglected, it could lead to thousands of dollars in repair bills.

The auto service schedules in your owner’s manual are important to follow and they are there for a reason. If ever you don’t understand a recommended service, just ask one of our service advisors at All American. We will be happy to explain.

Please call us today for an appointment. We’d be happy to provide free transportation during any needed repairs to make things as convenient as possible.

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