Proper 4×4 Alignment for Winter Driving in Littleton, Colorado

Four wheel drive vehicles are built to be tested by how we drive both on and off the road. This is why proper 4×4 alignment is critical throughout the year. Winter in Littleton, Colorado has a way of testing the limits of your 4×4 even further given the wear and tear ice, snow, and poor road conditions can have on your 4×4. When considering the safety of your family and your 4×4, there are several easy ways to determine if your alignment is off.

  • Is the steering wheel off-center? If your tires are straight, but you notice that the steering wheel is settled in a position that either favors the right or left, this is one way to be sure that your alignment is no longer correct. Often, a misalignment in the toe or rear axle could be the cause. Occasionally, a bent frame may have altered the alignment of your vehicle. This is more common when driving on roads damaged by winter potholes.
  • Does your 4×4 favor one direction or the other? Again, the misalignment of any axle can throw off the entire balance of your 4×4. Often hitting potholes or navigating on icy conditions can chip away at a solid 4 wheel alignment, leaving your vehicle’s alignment unstable.
  • Do you find that your 4×4 no longer handles inclement weather with ease?Misalignment opens up your vehicle to vulnerability when driving through snow, ice, and even rain. If performance is no longer up to your standards, an alignment may be the answer.
  • Is tire pressure a concern? When tire pressure does not meet the standards of your vehicle in one or all of your tires, it can lead to misalignment. Take the time to review the owner’s manual of your 4×4 or check the interior of your vehicle’s door to determine if you are driving on tires with the correct pressure. Driving on tires that are not properly inflated is dangerous for both you and other drivers on the road. It can be a direct cause for poor driving performance, skidding, and even lead to a blow out should they continue to be driven on without proper care.

While 4×4 driving can make you feel invincible to winter weather, nothing derails a high performance vehicle quicker than misalignment. A midwinter maintenance appointment at All American 4 Wheel Drive & Auto Repair may be the answer. Contact us today to set up an appointment and we will ensure that your alignment meets the standards of your 4×4. We will also be sure to check fluid levels, as many directly affect the winter performance of your vehicle. Antifreeze and windshield washer fluid both play a large role in safe winter driving. Keeping your windshield debris and salt-free during poor weather conditions is imperative for safe driving. Whether you are going from job site to job site, to and from the office, or to pick up the kids, preventative midwinter maintenance will keep your 4×4 reliable and safe in even the worst conditions Old Man Winter can throw at us this year.

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