4×4 Cooling System Facts

Your 4×4’s first line of defense from engine failure is its cooling system. Not only does it keep your vehicle from overheating year round, but it also regulates the temperature during extreme cold. This keeps the engine safe from freezing – a sure fire way to have a breakdown. In fact, a major cause of roadside breakdowns is a failure with the cooling system. Regular flushing of coolant is essential to avoid potentially costly engine problems. If a leak has occurred due to severe winter driving, this can flood your engine with coolant while draining its distribution method and opening the door for engine failure. One short term way of warding off potential engine problems is to check your coolant level and check it often.

Depending on your 4×4, there are manufacturer recommended times as to when you should have your coolant flushed and refilled. Not only does this process ensure that your engine is functioning properly, but it also helps you to avoid potential build up or corrosion within the engine that can occur over time. Driving with old coolant for too long both degrades the effectiveness of the coolant and opens the door for corrosion, as the coolant itself contains an anti-corrosive. A coolant flush includes removal of all rust and dirt build up so that your new fluid will flow freely throughout your 4×4.

Aside from manufacturer recommendation, there are several factors to be considered when determining if it’s time to flush your coolant.

  1. Engine size – Depending on the size of your engine, coolant may need to be flushed either more or less frequently.
  2. Coolant type – Several coolants suggest intervals for routine flushes, which should be considered.
  3. Climate – Depending on the time of year, a coolant flush may be more desirable. Extreme weather puts the most strain on your cooling system.
  4. Mileage – The current mileage on your 4×4 also dictates the need for a coolant flush. Most vehicles require a coolant flush every 24,000 to 30,000 miles or every 2 years. This can be found in the user manual of your 4×4 or bring your vehicle in for routine maintenance and we will check your manufacturer’s recommendations.

If it’s time for a coolant flush or you have questions about your 4×4’s maintenance needs, contact the experts at All American Four Wheel Drive & Auto Repair today! We will keep you on the road by helping you prepare for the weather changes in Littleton, Colorado as we say goodbye to winter and welcome in spring with a routine maintenance appointment. Allow us to check your vehicle’s tires, engine, and coolant system to provide the safest 4 wheel drive experience. As always, you will be greeted with excellent customer service, as our goal is to be as thorough as possible when it comes to vehicle service and maintenance diagnosis. Let us know if you need transportation as we service your 4×4 – our customer shuttle is always free and will take you to and from your place of business or home. We also offer vehicle pick up and delivery. Your needs are our top priority!

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