Seasonal 4×4 Driving Tips

4-wheel-drive vehicles are unlike any other. Not only do they have the ability to provide greater control and improved handling in challenging conditions, they offer a sense of security that rear or front wheel drive just cannot back up. These increased controls make 4x4s fun to drive both on and off road, but most importantly, safety increases threefold during inclement weather here in Littleton, Colorado. Below are some tips on handling your 4×4 and what you can do to have the safest driving experience for both you and your family:

Tire maintenance – Maintaining the tires of your 4×4 is critical for safe driving in every type of weather. Weather can change quickly and as the seasons change, now is the best time to bring in your 4×4 for a service check. Every day winter driving can cause damage to tires. Exposure to ice and snow puts your 4x4s suspension and alignment to the test. By Spring, it may be slightly off or disrupted enough for you to notice the wheel pulling in one direction or another. Potholes may have damaged tires. It’s possible that new set of tires is necessary to avoid traction issues as warmer weather brings rain and mud. Our selection of 4-wheel-drive vehicle tires is extensive here at All American Four Wheel Drive & Auto Repair. Give our Littleton expert technicians a call for advice on which tires best fit your driving needs.

Traction Control – Many 4×4 vehicles come with a Traction Control System installed from the start. Challenging weather conditions demand that these systems remain engaged. They are proven to deter an automobile accident by 65% when engaged, so why take the risk? Your family will thank you later.

High Range and Low Range Gears – For the most control, use low range gears. A lower range gear is your best option when navigating through difficult road conditions. They provide optimal control in less-than-optimal situations. If navigating off-road, a lower gear will keep you grounded even slippery mud. High range gears are ideal on the highway. High speeds on ideal terrain is the perfect combination for high gear driving.

Suspension – At last, we’re seeing signs of Spring weather, but in snowy conditions or deep mud, raising the suspension is an option to keep your 4×4 from grounding itself and leaving you stranded. This also helps with traction when ice or mud are putting up a fight with your 4×4.

Drive Responsibly – This is an obvious safety tip, but keeping a level head during difficult driving conditions is key to maintaining a safe speed and control on the road. Owning and driving a 4×4 can give off a sense of invincibility, but maintaining safe defensive driving skills keeps your 4×4 running smoothly year after year. Lowering speed increases control in poor driving conditions. It also sets the pace for those around you, maintaining a safe driving speed for all in dangerous conditions.

As the weather begins to warm up, your 4×4 is in need of seasonal maintenance. Ensuring that all parts of your vehicle have survived the winter weather intact is critical for safe Spring driving. Tires take a beating when confronted with potholes and ice for months. Tire pressure suffers, which leads to lessened control. Here at All American Four Wheel Drive & Auto Repair, we will run a diagnostic to ensure that you are equipped for the seasonal change. Reach out to our 4×4 experts at All American Four Wheel Drive & Auto Repair today to set up an appointment!

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