Summer 4×4 Maintenance Tips

With Memorial Day Weekend just around the corner, the itch to go offroading with your 4×4 is great, but before you take to the dirt paths, consider these maintenance tips. As temperatures rise, so do the risks for your 4×4 without proper routine maintenance. Consider the following before taking a road trip or an offroad adventure and keep your 4×4 safe as summer takes hold.

  1. Show your AC that you care – It’s been a while. You haven’t needed to reach for that familiar knob in quite some time, but it’s there and quietly beckoning to be turned. The questions is: When you do, what will come out? Now is the time to check your coolant level and air filter. Poorly performing AC not only infuriates the driver, but it also puts a drain on battery life, making gas less efficient. No one wants to pay more than they have to at the pump.
  2. Don’t neglect your tires – It’s easy to overlook them. Your 4×4’s tires are always getting the job done with little to no complaint, so why would you think to give them some attention every now and then? Before opening her up on the open road, give your tire pressure a check. High temperatures change the pressure of your tires. This can lead to a blow out or misalignment in the front or back end. Taking some time to check ensures a summer season free of unexpected blowouts.
  3. t’s time to check those timing belts – Heat inspires expansion of all of your 4×4’s interior belts. Now’s the time to consider them as temperatures rise. Check for cracks and damage. Don’t forget that perfectly smooth belts indicate excessive wear. It may be time to change them after all.
  4. Wiper blade switch out – Being stuck in a summer thunderstorm with worn wiper blades is no picnic. Be sure to check your 4×4’s wiper blades before heading out on a trip or mud run. Replacement blades are inexpensive and a lifesaver when the situation calls for them.
  5. Oil should be your friend, not a foe – Overheating is more common in the summer and heavy driving of your 4×4 in high temperatures could be the culprit if you aren’t keeping an eye on your oil levels. While the standard oil change is every 3,000 miles, heavy summertime use could eat through your 4×4’s oil supply faster than the average cycle. Take note of the color and consistency of the oil upon examination. If it is dark and gunky, it’s time for another change. It may simply need to be topped off and if that’s the case, do so before heading out on an adventure.

Any questions? Let the experts at All American Four Wheel Drive & Auto Repair answer any questions you may have about preparing your 4×4 for summer trips and get yours into top form before an offroad excursion or roadtrip. Bring your 4×4 in for a free diagnostic consultation today and be wowed by our knowledgeable staff and educated technicians.