4×4 Brake Maintenance in Littleton, Colorado

All American Four Wheel Drive & Auto Repair knows the abuse your car went through during the winter season. Potholes and ice do a number on your 4×4’s brakes, suspension, and alignment. We’re ready to help make your 4×4’s transition to spring as easy as possible. In the winter, icy conditions cause heavy brake usage for several months straight. The increased wear on brakes can cause serious issues for your 4×4 such as worn brake pads, the result of which is brake grinding and misalignment of the front and back end of your vehicle. Ignoring these tell-tale signs could result in the complete failure of your brakes. When grinding, misalignment, or a change in the feel of your brakes is occurring, allow the experts at All American to put your worries at ease by scheduling an appointment to service your 4×4. If a brake repair is needed, we will consider all options for your 4×4, discuss the possibilities with you, and ensure that budget is a factor in our recommendation.

Preventative brake maintenance can help avoid costly future repairs by taking the time to consider the care of your 4×4 in advance of any known serious problems. If continual grinding occurs while braking, damage will occur to both the rotors and drums. A squeak while braking may simply be due to friction in the brake lining, but having that squeak checked is the only way to be sure that your 4×4 is operating safely. When it comes to the alignment of your 4×4, a mild adjustment could spare the cost of complete pad and brake replacement. It could also reduce the wear and tear on your 4×4’s tires – something that could save both time and money. Running a full diagnostic on your 4×4 will point out any potential issues with the brakes and overall performance on your vehicle. Let the experts at All American ensure that your 4×4 is safe for the road and ready for some off-road action this spring.

If your 4×4 is pulling to the left or right, this could be caused by a misalignment or damaged brake line. Uneven brake pad wear can often cause your 4×4 to pull as well. Grinding is not always the obvious sign of a need for brake inspection. Pay attention to your brake pedal. If you find that it is sinking to the floor at a full stop or while the 4×4 is idling, this may also be an indicator that it is time to bring it in to All American for a full diagnostic of your 4×4’s health. Feel free to contact us with any questions about strange sounds or steering issues. We are happy to get to know both you and your 4×4 better as we reach optimal 4×4 health together.

Don’t forget to take a look at our Testimonials page! If you aren’t yet sure that All American is the 4×4 automotive shop for you, review what our customers have to say about service, cost, and general automotive issues. Here at All American, we will always have your budget in mind. We realize the importance of servicing your needs without braking the bank. We’ll also strive to make sure that your 4×4 is back on the road and ready for action as soon as possible because issues can often bring a good day to a grinding halt. Reach out to us today to keep your 4×4 ready for optimal springtime performance!