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Summer 4×4 Suspension Tips in Littleton, Colorado

Your 4×4′s suspension is what keeps you driving in stability and comfort while tackling difficult terrain.  Extreme driving is no problem when you’re equipped with the right suspension system to guide you through the trails with ease.  Towing a heavy load or navigating a sharp mountain curve, the suspension system protects you and your engine from absorbing excessive jolts and vibrations.  With a high level of responsibility for passenger safety, it’s often tricky to determine if there is a problem.  Are those squeaks and creaks normal or do they indicate a serious issue?  Without the advisement of a certified All American Four Wheel Drive & Auto Repair technician, it can be difficult to tell.  In the meantime, consider the possibilities below to prolong the life and durability of your 4×4’s suspension.

Ball Joint Failure – A ball joint is the circular bearing that connects the steering knuckle to the axle or control arm.  Ball joints create a smooth turn between the tie rod and steering knuckle.  They are the pivot point between wheels and suspension, but on occasion after some rough driving and damage, ball joints may need to be replaced.  The earliest sign of ball joint failure is clunking or difficulty while turning your vehicle.  Extreme cases may lead to the separation of the steering knuckle entirely, the result of which would surely be an accident.  Ball joints require lubrication and depending on their type – either serviceable or non-serviceable – may need to be lubricated on a regular basis.  This is something easily achieved during a routine maintenance appointment upon request.  If proper lubrication is not achieved, they may rust, the end result of which is failure.

Shock Shaft Bends – The shock shaft, or piston rod, damps wheel movement before it reaches the vehicle.  If a vehicle has been through some rough winter weather or challenging terrain, a bend can occur.  A bent shock shaft will cause a very stiff ride, making suspension almost non-existent.  This is dangerous for both your comfort and the security of the engine, as parts may absorb shock that shouldn’t and the 4×4′s alignment will suffer.  Replacement shocks may be necessary.  Allow an expert technician to diagnose and discuss options if your suspension is not feeling as predictable.

With summer in full swing here in Littleton, Colorado, take the time to consider your 4×4′s suspension.  Does it feel the same?  Is the security of your suspension in question?  Are rough roads beginning to make an impact on both the 4×4 and you?  If something doesn’t feel right, you can count on All American Four Wheel Drive & Auto Repair to diagnose any suspension issue, talk you through your recommended repair, and take pride in performing quality work on your 4×4.  Our commitment to providing the best service possible is unparalleled.  From our knowledgeable staff to our certified expert technicians, All American Four Wheel Drive & Auto Repair is ready to get your 4×4 back on the road and ready for adventure!  Drop by or call to schedule your appointment today.