suv on a lift

Considerations in Choosing a SUV Repair Facility

Many vehicle owners have strong opinions regarding SUVs. Most either hate them or love them. The fact is, SUVs often have better resale, last longer than other automobiles and are more efficient when they are taken care of and serviced regularly.
As the average SUV owner does not have the expertise or time to handle their own auto repairs and need to rely on professional repair shops to keep their vehicle running well and safe, we recommend you start your search for a qualified SUV repair facility:

  • Start looking for a repair shop before you desperately need one.
  • Check with friends and colleagues for recommendations.
  • Check to see if the shop has transportation for customers during repairs. A lot of shops provide this now and makes repairs so much easier.
  • Check for a shop that is really organized and clean. You might also check to see if the automobiles that are parked in the lot look to be of equal value to your vehicle. Shop equipment in the bays should be modern too.
  • Ensure that staff are willing to answer questions you might have and that they are courteous. After all, they will be your trusted adviser and it’s nice to like the people you are working with.
  • Check the walls to see if policies are posted on things such as guarantees and diagnostic fees.
  • Before fully committing to a shop with larger repairs, test the shop with something small like new tires or an oil change.
  • Look to see if there are ASE certified technicians as that is evidence you have more qualified technicians working on your SUV.